TV Wallmounting

Installation Process

We will discuss with you your request and give you our recommendations regarding the screen mounting height, viewing distance of your plasma or LCD screen, your seating arrangement and whether the wall is suitable to take the weight.

Depending on your installation type the cables will either be run in discreet surface mounted trunking or will be chased into the wall. We will of course check the wall prior to installation, for any imbedded cables, wires or pipes.

If you are having a home cinema installation we will advise on the best position for the speakers and the best run for the leads and speaker cable taking into consideration your room layout.


When we mount your screen, our primary concern is to make absolutely sure that your screen is securely fixed to the wall. We will always "over-fix" screens using extra fixings if required. We provide all the necessary bolts to do this, always using the correct fixings for the type of wall - our installers carry all fixings required for most installations.

Future proofing

It is important that, if you have your cables chased into the wall, you have taken into consideration any equipment you may want to add to your system in the future. As part of our service we’ll discuss this with you and give our best advice on the types of cables needed to future-proof your system.